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The Lighthouse Years

By Suzan K. Heglin


Based on a true story



If you were a woman in the 1930’s

Living in a developing, war torn country,

Your family and friends,

your history and culture,

limited what you could be.


But only your own level of personal courage

Limited who you were

Or how far you could go . . .




Portrait Gallery


George Alexius


Paula’s real family


Happy at last!


Early August Waltenburg


Note from the Author:

First off, thanks so much for reading Paula.  It’s such an honor to be able to share the life of this amazing woman with you.


A few things to note:

* This book was written before there was much of an Internet.  It might be a different book if written today.

* Yes, I know how to punctuate “won’t,”  but you’d be amazed how many times I ran this manuscript through “spell” and it never picked it up – until it was already at the printers!  I apologize for all the typos!

* I encourage you to tell me your own stories for publication and reference on

* I encourage all women of domestic violence to get help!  Whatever you’ve done, you don’t deserve it!

* Be part of the movement to save the lighthouses!

Thanks again!