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Newest Children’s Books by Suzan K. Heglin

Children enter these books

where, like a half silvered mirror,

they see a fantastical world beyond

and they see themselves within.



Nature Series. For school age. (3 in series)
Spook and Mortimer
Mortimer is a goldfish that is new to the pond. There’s a gravely voice from under the lily pads. Is Spook friend or foe? Experience being a goldfish from a goldfish’s perspective, and learn about becoming true friends.

Sparkle Falls to Earth
Sparkle is a snow flake that forms from ice crystals in a cloud. She is big and beautiful and wants something “special” to happen to her when she falls to earth. Children learn a little and laugh a little in this joyful tale.

Blosser the Canada Goose
This is the kind of story that children will remember and refer to for years to come. Children will learn to fly with Blosser and come to love him as he grows up and migrates from his birthplace, their hearts will break when tragedy removes Blosser from the sky forever, but hope springs anew when Blosser meets a female goose.

Rayna Rose in Bloom Rayna's brother Russell always told her "bloom where you're planted," and Rayna tried. But the first place was too dry and the second place was too wet. Would Rayna's owner Janey ever find the perfect place for them to live.



Prissi is a porcupine that just left the den. She doesn't know what to eat, and every creature she meets recommends something different. There's a problem in getting each thing, until she finds zucchini, sweet zucchini. Child will love "reading" the repeating phrases.


Handicap Series (3 in series)
Talk Trouble
Little Rabbit has lost his front teeth and can hardly be understood. Then Little Rabbit’s little brother disappears. Could it be that whatever Little Rabbit is muttering is the solution to the mystery? Young readers learn that people with disabilities (even temporary ones) are worth the effort to communicate with.
The Only Thing
Thomas wont go and meet the new boy across the street because he’s DIFFERENT. Or is he? A story about handicaps and abilities.
The Hottest Thing on Wheels
Zoom! Zip! “I’m gonna GET that person in the wheelchair!” Betty swears on her first day of school when someone in a wheelchair keeps unnerving her. Who would guess that the speed demon is lovely eyed, soft handed Alexandra. Betty and Alex become friends despite their early conflicts. For school age.


Home Series (6 in series)
Home is . . .
Justin’s mom must be getting forgetful, she keeps calling odd places “home.” Then the family is moved to a new area. Justin learns the true meaning of the word “home.”

Milo never gets to have any fun. He always has to watch his little cousin Binky at all the family get-togethers. Milo doesn’t want to be near Binky - until one day when Binky spills glue on Milo and Milo and Binky are glued

The Newcomers
"They're not like the OLD owners" is all this house can say, until it gets a second look at the old owners, and a chance to compare his memories to reality. A funny tale for anyone who ever had to leave a house behind.


Princess Diaries Series (4 in series)

The Plain Princess
The royal family has disappeared! Who will step forward to fill their shoes? None other than the family who will be know as the Average King, the Tacky Queen, the Clumsy Prince and the Plain Princess. Their less than regal qualities help end the dispute with the neighboring kingdom and bring fun to the people of the countryside

The Princess on the Bubble
The little princess always did everything to excess! This is a tale of when the little princess uses too much bubble bath and floats up into the sky. She has to get a lesson from a shimmering angel.

Princess Fair
A traditional tale told in a poem about a princess, a prince, and a beast! A happy ending is guaranteed for all . . . except the beast!

The Magic Apple Tree
A bored princess finds more than just the regular world when she ventures outside the castle walls. By sheer luck she releases many good folk from an enchanted tree - including her true prince.

Return to the Sea
Have you always lived in just one place? Do you feel like you really belong in that spot? Rocky Mountain Jordan is forced to find out he is connected to more places than one when he finds a mermaid that needs to be returned to the sea. An enchanting tale for young school age children.

Field of Hats
Is Conner the laziest boy in all of Ireland? Or is there more to his laziness? Midnight journeys to a secret place, a few good ideas, and a little magic provide the solution to the family’s dying farm fields.

The Blue Flower
A lonely little girl stuck on an island with her aunt for the summer creates a beautiful garden that coaxes a mer-boy out of the water. He later saves her from the big storm by bringing her down into his undersea world.

The Magic Bed
2 versions
Karen needs a new bed. She protests buying the old bed from the strange little shop, but her first night in the bed she finds her wish is her command. In one version she takes the family to the seashore. In the second version she eases some of the misery of her institutionalized grandmother and her impoverished family.

To Catch a Bird
Can you learn to count while falling out of a building? You can in this story! A crazy and determined sister and brother court disaster in this wild story that throws in a little counting with all the fun. For fives and sixes.
Five Finger Song
A little girl plays her favorite song on the piano with only one finger until she meets a horse who wants to play harmony and a chicken who wants to play rhythm. A must for any beginning piano student.
A Nickle Is . . .
This story, for preschoolers, has a repeating verse that teaches young children the value of coins.

Chiparita Charlie and the Castle
Chiparita Charlie is a fun loving kid who always finds ways to turn his misbehavior into a great help and great fun! In this episode, Chiparita, with a little help from his friends, saves the castle from falling down of old age. (More installments are in progress)
Nobody Saw
Ty kept making excuses for not doing his chores, until Uncle Bob came to visit and really made Ty’s excuses look pale. Wildly imaginative and a helpful reminder to kids.


Words of Change
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