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Current Literary Works by Suzan K. Heglin

Mountain Community - Young, female investigator Daryl Bishop becomes obsessively involved in the peculiar dynamics of an isolated community while interviewing suspects of a presumed homicide. This story is sometimes touching, sometimes sobering, as is life. Alternate title “Off the Crumbling Edge.” (currently at novelette length)

Diane's Story _ Prequel to Mountian Community. Diane is young and bright, but surrounded by people who use and threaten her. She tries to save her siblings and connect with her willing but unable boyfriend. A series of tragedies drives her up to join the mounain community. (In progress)

The Man In Between - A small plane goes down in the Bahama islands. The three survivors of the crash are veterans of three very different and very similar wars. Who will be able to survive? Who will do the best when unexpectedly thrown back into a combat situation? A story of survival, confronting one’s past and discovering one’s true self. (In progress)



Best Seat in the House - Where do you get the real story on relationships and how the opposite sex thinks? In the rest room of course! This one-act play, without being lewd or base, will have the audience down front howling and those in the back snickering. Its comedy is as visual as it is auditory with brilliant simultaneous action. (One-act, In Progress)

Home Fires
- A nineties "temperature check" of what goes on at family diners at Grandma's house. And the comedy is hot! Take an aspirin for the pain in your sides from laughing at "Best Seat" because this one is sure to exercise those muscles again. Note: this is not a play for the grandkids. (One-act, In Progress)



Mom Plural - This book offers the support women need who are planing to have more than one child. This book gives scientific information combined with lots of personal advice from other women on subjects ranging from making the decision to have more than one child, to sibling rivalry, to letting the last child go. A must read for anyone who is or is considering becoming a “mom plural.” (Non-fiction, In progress)


Colorado Ski Reader - A "glove compartment guide" to all the ski resorts in Colorado. Facts and data, route maps, driving directions, etc. Plus articles on everything from ski racing to sneaking onto lifts. A must have for any skiier expert or wannabe. A great gift. (In progress)




Words of Change